Patient care involves more than using appropriate diagnostic tools and prescribing
effective medications.
We start by being available, so we keep open hours every week to accommodate patients
with urgent issues. We strive to answer our phone lines in real time, rather than having
patients deal with a voicemail message.
In our practice, good patient care also includes the assessment of the patient’s diet and
useful suggestions for improvement. We also endorse the judicious use of complementary
and alternative medications. We do suggest meditation techniques and acupuncture to
help provide relief for specific gastroenterological and liver ailments.

We use no paper charts. Instead we utilize an electronic health record to minimize paper
waste and to maximize communication with primary physicians and medical providers.
This helps to keep medical information private, compared to paper charts.

Our office is located on the grounds of the St. Luke’s hospital which offers a full service
laboratory, as well as a flexible Radiology Department where patients can often be
scheduled for X Rays and ultrasound examinations the same day.

In addition we are associated with the CPMC Research Institute, which has supported
our office in offering our patients the opportunity to enter clinical studies. These studies
offer the latest therapies while following strict guidelines to ensure the highest possible
level of safety for our patients.

Moreover, we have networked with other investigators within CPMC and UCSF including
Quest Research, in order to ensure that our patients can have access to appropriate
clinical research studies.

Therefore, not only do we offer the standard gastroenterological tools such as endoscopic procedures, but we also provide innovative care for diseases such as hepatitis C, fatty liver
disease, and liver fibrosis.