So, alcohol is good for the heart, right? That is likely correct, however, it has been shown that it's not only wine which is beneficial, it's actually any alcohol, beers or "shots". In the U.K., they use the term "Unit" for each 8 oz. beer or 5 oz. wine or 1 oz. liquor. Obviously, we rarely measure the exact volume and all the above alcoholic drinks have slightly different alcohol contents. Be it as it may each "Unit" has about 10-12 grams of pure alcohol. 

Now, what about the liver? Well, it turns out the 'safe' level of alcohol drinking should not exceed 1 Unit per day for women, and no more that 2 Units daily for men. Beyond that, the liver mortality increases exponentially, so 3 Units daily are worse than 2, and 4 Units MUCH worse, and so on.

The above guidelines apply to people WITHOUT liver disease. No one knows what safe drinking is in those with underlying hepatitis (HCV for example) is, so the best bet is to minimize alcohol; I give specific recommendations based on the underlying fibrosis score estimated by elastography (Fibroscan).