Dr. Bonacini is frequently called upon consulting in reference to gastrointestinal or liver
diseases by Pharmaceutical, Investment and Law firms. These firms seek  access to key
opinion leaders with the most up to date knowledge of medical issues and the effects of pharmacological agents on human disease. Because of his involvement in clinical research,
Dr. Bonacini is able to offer cutting edge opinions about several medications whether
approved or under investigation.

Dr. Bonacini is also regularly asked to review papers written by other investigators in order
to establish their suitability for publication in Gastroenterology or Hepatology journals.
This process, called “peer-review” is an integral part of Dr. Bonacini’s approach to medicine
whereby we strive to keep a critical eye on any new publication in the making.

As a corollary, and drawing upon his expertise in gastrointestinal and liver diseases,
Dr. Bonacini has frequently been asked to act as an expert witness in cases of civil litigation
by prominent attorneys from Coast to Coast.

Additionally, Dr. Bonacini volunteers his services to the Italian Consulate in San Francisco,
which serves an area extending to Washington State. He has been the official physician
for the Italian Consulate since 2008.

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